Our Method

At Mega Studio, our team of experts follow a thorough and highly-collaborative methodology when it comes to delivering projects.

For new Products

Game / Product Design Document

comprehensive design document outlining all the features and design requirements for the product in question.

Full wireframes and themes

Product mechanics and examples

Art Bible

Full technical time estimated roadmap with milestones and deliverables

Budget for the project

Once the documentation is complete, we will do a comprehensive review with you and agree on any outstanding issues or details needed

For existing products

Understand the desired improvements needed

Review of the KPIs and data of both the product and the marketing

From the review, we build a product deck with features to boost specific KPIs in order to achieve the goals needed.

Each feature will have an estimated impact on KPIs and should align with your ongoing roadmap

We can build or simply manage the process with your internal team


Let's Level Up Together

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